Monday, 28 March 2011

Whimsy 6

Whimsy 6 - Mitis Green (Whimsy, science fiction, approx 25 pages)

Six whimsical and Sci Fi flash fiction stories from the author of The Ardly Effect.

A taster - very short stories to make you think, chuckle and wonder.

Featuring: a strange telephone call, pleasing a robot, jogging in a space station, saving Earth, annoying ecologists, and being noticed for the very first time.

6 Flash - very short - stories.
Approx. 25 Pages.

Available on Kindle for 99c here and 71p here
Other ebook formats here for 99c

Here's part of a review from

"If you are a fan of Science Fiction this collection has a few gems. "Kal Eldron's Folly" is a good story with a funny ending that found me literally laughing out loud. "Oops" reunites us, tangentially, with Django Twip (The Ardley Effect) in another amusing story I wish had been longer, much like "Under the Brown Moon", which was a slightly longer and more ominous work that could easily be developed into a novel on its own. "Witness This", the last story, was hands down my favorite, though, and follows a man who can sense when no one notices him. Interesting premise, which leads to petty larceny which leads to an awkward situation with a beautiful woman chasing the man up a tree, which leads to..."